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CrusadersScape Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Last updated: 20th January, 2014

Terms of Service


CrusadersScape ("CS") is a fansite for ( is owned and operated by Jagex Limited ("Jagex").) our goal within our site is to provide a free, secure and knowledgeable website for the RuneScape Community. It is important to us that we keep a high sense of security for our users & guests who use our site or services that is within our Terms of Service, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The following terminology within our Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Privacy and within all of our Agreement documents: "You", "Your ("You're")", "RuneScape Community", "Member" and "Guest" refers to you, the person accessing and accepting Terms and Conditions which is within our Terms of Service document. "Our", "Ourselves", "Us", "We", "CS" and "CrusadersScape" refers to this website. We value each and everyone of our members and guests and want to ensure everyone's rights and privacy are respected accordingly.

Terms of Use

1. Agreement of our Terms of Service and amendments

By using or causing access to our site you are acknowledging that you agree to our Terms of Services and amendments and any changes to it that is stated with the date at the top of our Terms of Service and agreeance to any changes that are not notified to you. This also means that if your under the age of 18 that your legal guardian or parent agrees to our Terms of Services and amendments and any changes to it that is stated with the date at the top of our Terms of Service and agreeance to any changes that are not notified to you.

2. CrusadersScape Services

It is important to us that our services given to you is understood, you are acknowledging and agreeing to the owner of CS ("CrusadersScape") that as long as CS is fully functional and accessible that the owner reserves the right and at anytime discontinue its services with out any further notice or mentions and during any time. We can't always ensure that the longevity of this website will always be open and available to you. As a Guest or member of our site you are agreeing that you understand that as long as CrusadersScape is currently running with out no interruptions from our end that we will keep a open and available site to you.

• Our Host ("Bluehost")
Due to our site being hosted on ("BlueHost") we can not guarantee the stability of the server our site is stored on. So respectably any interruptions or downtime of the site that is not caused by the owner of CrusaderScape will be look into appropriately. If needed to we have the right to acknowledge any server issues that has happen and would take the steps to announce it by our own discretion and time.

If you wish to contact us further about our site Services or current host you can do so by contacting a site Administrator ("here"). We reserve the right to not respond by our own discretion. We do value and want to make sure we have a upkeep and smooth service so any feedback is highly valued and any decisions we make is understood and acknowledge.

3. Content on CrusadersScape & Submissions

We value all of our members & guest contribution to our website, we hold all your rights and licences that is displayed on are site and have all rights to use them within our own discretion. By agreeing to this you understand that any contribution to this site whether it is data, graphics, text, photographs, videos or any other materials ("That is Content") we have full rights to remove, keep, use and any other uses for it at our own discretion. We also have the right to acknowledge, credited ("Contribute By:") or not credit any content that is displayed on our site or any subsites or social media sites that is hosted by CrusadersScape and to use at our own discretion.

Privacy Policy

CrusadersScape ("CrusadersScape"), ("and our Sub-Domains") takes users privacy very seriously, and protects your private information and any information we may collect while operating our website. It is our priority to ensure our users and guest are safe when browsing our website.

1. Members of our site

When becoming a member of our website the personal data we collect from you when registering is like most website operators with a message board for its members. The registration process requires only a valid e-mail address, a unique user ID and password any further information entered into the registration is optional. It is also worth noting that the Username, email and other information placed into the registration may contain your personal identifiable information this may also appear on our website. Like all other website we automatically collect general information such as your IP address and cookie information, which is all stored on our server logs. We also do not disclose those general information but some of the information such as cookies are describe below.

2. Statistics Data

CrusadersScape may collect statistics data about our users so we can improve your experience on our Website. This data can range from but not limited to, popular posts, most thread views, most page views and other basic statistics about our visitors. CrusadersScape may also display this data publicly, but none of this data will not be obtained or used by other third party websites.

3. Cookies

Like many websites we use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. The way we currently use cookies is with our website Advertisements that gets tailored to you base on your web browsing. We also use cookies for our forums board to enhance the look of it and what you wish to see. CrusadersScape visitors who wish not to have cookies stored by us on their Computers can however and should set their browsers to refuse cookies from CrusadersScape website, but due to CrusadersScape uses of cookies this means that CrusadersScape website may not function properly without cookies.